The Festival of Diwali held in Karishma


On 22nd of October The Festival of Diwali held in Karishma had a huge impact on the clients.
Especially the Romanian clients understood the significance of this festival as they came across traditional dishes, desserts which were on the house and last but not the least the atmosphere, which was filled with a positive energy emerging from the candles, lit all around the restaurant.
Our Indian clients were so pleased to find out that even after being thousands of miles away from home, there was a place where they could go and enjoy the spirit of the festival.
The various desserts made for this special day were so demanding that everybody wanted to know how such things are made.
We will try our best in future to create the spirit of various Indian festivals and make an awareness of Indian culture.
We sincerely thank all those who were a part of this miracle.

Locatie: CreamSideratii


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