A journey in the realm of pleasure


Often massages are associated in people’s mind with pleasure, delight, enchantment. These are reasons why the massages are chosen by many people for spending their free time. Not few of them desire for themselves these kind of experiences in which the mind is quiet, the heart is filled with calm and joy and the body with refined pleasure.

Even for those coming at a session of erotic massage for the first time, this experience is synonym with happy hours spent in a complete relaxation. They can imagine that the pleasure is right there, waiting for them, but they are not sure, they can not say for sure how exactly this pleasure will enchant them.

A session of erotic or tantric massage in Bucharest can be special time for experiencing the new, the unknown things never met before. Even if it can start even simply, with people’s idea of getting some relaxation, it will turn out, in the end, that the choice for the massage meant a lot more then simply relaxation. And even the erotically sensations would not be enough to describe everything that can be felt in such a massage. There is a lot more to talk about, to feel and to experiment. The sensations go in a large spectrum, the feelings rise even if you don’t expect them. The states appeared can be very reach and they differ from one experience to the other. Even speaking about things a lot more concrete and more practical, like the maneuvers used, there are also lot of different techniques and modalities which can be successfully applied there. Everything that the masseuse choose to use with a particular guest will be in accordance with his needs and will aim to specific effects. But besides all the effects appeared, no matter from which domain they pertain, the pleasure is the underline, the context in which everything has its course. The pleasure is like a motto, but not only at the beginning of the massage, but always during it, like a real word of order. It is the world of the pleasure in which sensations embrace the one experimenting the massage and the pleasure is the queen, the one that rules this world.

And this pleasure is very different from guest to guest, from the technique used comparing it with another technique. It is the one that can embrace even the therapeutically effects that, even them, will not delay their arrival. It is specific to the area on which the masseuse will work at a certain moment, to the techniques used, but, more often, to the simple moves and touches she realizes. Even the simple relaxation of the muscles in the body will produce a certain kind of pleasure, the pleasure and welfare felt when all your stresses are gone, when no tensions are there anymore. But the real big pleasure comes when the masseuses starts her sensual touches, her erotic techniques, her maneuvers for working upon the sexual energies of the guest. And, very simply to express that, when the maneuvers of body-to-body massage are realized, even just a very little. For sure, there are few places on Earth to experience this, but in some Bucharest erotic massage salons you can get the real thing for a good price.

Being an erotic massage, this experience means that all the pleasure associated with the awaken of the erotically energies, with their harmonization and with their free flow is like putting the pleasure on a pedestal, on the first place. And it is not exaggerated, because there must exist in this world experiences where pleasure has to be the most important issue. Pleasure can have, after all, a pleasure of its own and so the realm of pleasure becomes the place the audacious ones dream to arrive.


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