1. Virgilio L. Malang on

    Would you be open by this Oct1-7? I would like to have a single room. What might be the cost?

  2. Dear sir.

    I am a frequent visitor to bucharest. Recently, I am came to know about your hotel which happens to be quite cheap. I request you to kindly send me the room rates of your hotels along with the amenties.
    With regards.

  3. Jeremy BEGOT on


    I am interested in accommodation in a double room from 22 till 24 January 2007 (2 nights) . Please, be so kind and let me know, what is your prices and if you have vacancy.

    Best Regards

    Jeremy BEGOT

  4. alper saracci on

    I am from Turkish DGCA in turkey, I will have meeting in bucharest, have you got a single room 27-30.06.2007
    (What your price single room inlc. breakfast and tax)-Hotel Turist
    Thank you best regards.

    Alper Saracci
    System Analyst